We are currently offering 19 – 20 liter (~5 gallon) handmade qvevri by master potter Billy Ray Mangham. Each qvevri is custom made to order, coated with beeswax on the inside and comes with a matching clay lid.


Georgian Qvevri Making photo by Billy Ray Mangham

Current offerings:

  • 19 – 20 liter (~5 gallon) please contact for current pricing
  • 38 – 45 liter (10-12 gallon) –  Not currently available
  • 144 – 159 liter (38-42 gallon) –  Not currently available
  • 220 – 227 liter (58 – 62 gallon) –  Not currently available

Please contact Billy Ray directly for availability/lead time and to place an order.

While these prices may seem high on a $/volume basis  compared to French oak (about twice the cost of a new barrel), please keep in mind that these specialty, artisanal containers have a potentially unlimited lifespan, are entirely handmade by  a master potter and artist, and require significant labor/time and have high costs to fire (roughly $100 for the smallest qvevri and exponentially more for the large qvevri). The total price paid goes to the potter to try to help make this ancient craft viable here in the US.

Qvevri product
Billy Ray Mangham with one of his Qvevri

5 thoughts on “Products”

  1. Hello!
    I am growing nebbiolo grapes in california on one acre. I will harvest in about two years producing about 600 gallons.
    I want to produce the wine in Qvevri, however $48,000 is too high for me. Think you’ll come down in price? I’d like to get these in the ground so i can bulid a structure over them to keep them enclosed.
    Love what you doing!
    Cindy from Gsrden Valley, CA

    1. We are working on ways to lower costs including having our own mobile kiln and a team of potters to produce qvevri locally on site! We don’t have a date set yet and it is taking time to get it launched, but we are excited. Brent

  2. I am looking to buy the smallest Qvevri you make… looks like 5 gallon. I have 2 vines.. which produced 35 lbs of grapes this year… I want to make wine next year.

    I live in NM.

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