Qvevri Wine comes To Texas and the United States


We are encouraging others who share an interest in this original and now unique style of winemaking to work with us and others to revive this ancient craft here in the United States. We believe that it will be an important tool for winemakers, and of significant interest to consumers. In addition, it will raise awareness of Georgian wine production, the varieties found nowhere else and the almost forgotten history of the craft.


3 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. This is of interest for the History section of my class, HORT 471/871 “Vines, Wines and You”.
    Are you currently doing research with qvevri winemaking? Are there commercial ventures underway in Texas or elsewhere?

    1. Hi Paul,

      I am still working on a research paper with my former graduate student getting it ready to submit for peer review. There are numerous areas we would like to pursue for additional research.

      Regarding commercial ventures- we are still deciding our role in that- while we currently make a limited number of qvevri for research and commercial purposes, we are interested to increase production and/or importation. Stay tuned for announcements about that in the near future.



  2. Almost all porcelain makers know that kaolin, an essential ingredient in porcelain clay, comes for the most part from a mine in Florida, halfway between Gainesville and Palatka on the St. John’s. Now, there’s another spot down on the Peace River where gypsum and phosphate are extracted, and a by-product is slime-mud. Is slime-mud fireable (fusible), and at what cone? If it is, then there is sitting unclaimed, but obviously owned as a by-product by the Gypsum and phosphate producers, millions of tons of the stuff. Just as it is, it could be poured into absorbent molds to create super-sized jugs, or qvevri, as well as bisque for the arts and crafts market. Does anyone know anything more about this resource?

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